Vegetarian food vendor coming to North campus

by | Nov 28, 2014 | Life

Britnei Bilhete
Life reporter 

Humber’s food service sector will revive their services with new health orientated plans, programs and initiatives.

The Learning Resource Commons building, projected to be completed by 2016, creates an opportunity for an additional food vendor to be established. Paul Iskander, Director of Campus Services, said the new food station will feature an all vegetarian, or combined gluten-free menu by a third party company that has yet been determined.

“We’re looking at all of them to [see] who’s the best,” Iskander said.

So far there are about 25 applicants. Factors being closely evaluated by Iskander and others include sanitation, quality, cost, variety and healthy options.

“It’s also a measure of their successes. Did you do it somewhere else and can you repeat it here at Humber?”

At Humber North’s Gourmet Express, vegetarian and vegan options had been added earlier this semester, and come January the student-operated outlet will also debut nutrition labelling.

Kellie Elliot, Gourmet Express’ operational coordinator said they are currently working on the program.

“It’s called Computrition. We got a couple of nutrition students who are plugging in recipes into the database,” she said “and then the program creates a nutritional label.”

The label will be put on each product and available for customers, Elliot said.

On-the-Go products by Chartwells, the college’s contracted food vendor, currently include nutrition data labels at Humber’s Lakeshore campus. The initiative was introduced in September, and because it was “very successful,” according to Iskander, it will be coming to North campus in the early New Year.

However, at the end of March 2015, Chartwells’ contract will expire as stated by Don Henriques, manager of retail operation.

“Although the agreement expires… there has been no determination if or when the partnership will end,” said Henriques.

Currently there is an audit for the food service sector at Humber that closes next month.

York Tang, general manager of Chartwells’ mother company Compass, said he was unavailable to comment until further notice.