EDITORIAL: The voices, goals of Humber’s Et Cetera

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Editorial

ETC Staff

The Humber Et Cetera has an agenda.

Our Editor’s Handbook outlines both our long standing objectives and the expectations we have for ourselves: “Journalists are professionals whose code of conduct demands that they tell the truth. We earn credibility and the public’s trust only by adhering to strict policies of honesty — telling balanced stories accurately and fairly.”

Since our first issue in 1993, the newspaper has strived to achieve that goal. Most of the time, we succeeded, but there are times when we didn’t reach that height.

With so many students involved in the reporting process to obtain stories and seven editors working diligently to produce a weekly newspaper, we want this newspaper to be spread throughout all of Humber.

How do we plan to achieve that?

By providing in-depth and high-quality news coverage, the Et Cetera aims to tell the stories that matter the most to Humber and its students with an emphasis on truth and journalistic integrity.

The newspaper will cover all of the significant and interesting events that impact the diverse student body, distinctive school clubs, organized student government and all the other communities that make up Humber.

In the digital society of today with social media consciousness and “fake news”, the Et Cetera is itself caught in this time of ethical crisis. We want to help bring good journalism back to the forefront.

Like Humber’s women’s volleyball team, we want to make the Et Cetera a brand the students can trust to deliver them the most dedicated story possible.

As journalism evolves, so does technology. News outlets, publications and writers go on social media to promote their piece and bring attention to them.

This creates a conversation with a wide range of the audience. We must, and will, accustom ourselves to the evolving journalism industry by adapting to the technological changes.

Our daily campus events always strive for something amazing or something dramatic that our reporters live for. Some stories can be so fascinating that it may be difficult to add some personal input, but our job is to report it as it is.

We want our readers to be the ones who want to tell us their story and how our stories make them feel.

Sports often gets much of the attention here at Humber, especially at the North Campus and it definitely should. What some fail to realize, though, is the depth of talent this college’s arts programs offer.

Everything from music to comedy, to visual arts and digital design, Humber has both hands in the proverbial soil of this city’s culture. cx The creative talent cultivated here has been recognized on both the national and international scale.

It is a part of our duty as editors to ensure this talent receives its earned recognition.

We want to be a voice for journalism, a place where young and old journalists can write what they’re passionate about.

Humber College is only a tiny part of the world, but is a huge constitution in the Etobicoke area. And while we’re telling stories about people, we also want to give insight on how we feel on certain situations.

We have a reputation to uphold, but we also want to transform our stories into something that the community can read weekly and continue to keep reading for the years to come.

Humber’s Et Cetera is an award-winning newspaper that has won many awards such as The Apple Award, The Silver Crown award and General Excellence awards.  The newspaper, its staff and writers will strive to continue its award-winning ways.

It’s time to bring Humber’s newspaper back to its old glory days. We want this newspaper to be something we can be proud of, and something that can leave as legacy to the school as we graduate.