LakeshoreLifeWalking down the Elements runway

michellehalimApril 13, 20197 min

Michelle Halim, Arts &Entertainment Reporter

Models dieted, practiced and fretted for weeks before Humber’s annual Walk It Out fashion at Lakeshore Campus.

Every year students in their final year of the Fashion Arts and Business program organize a fashion show highlighting different Toronto based designers.

The theme at the April 9 show was melding the four elements of the Earth with fashion: air, water, earth, and fire.

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Patterns, colours, materials and shapes represented each theme and properly depicted the motions or colours of an element.

“We had to prepare for the last week,” said Shaurya Malasi, a Humber student chosen to model for four designers during the event. “We were going for fittings, rehearsals, we came here at like 8 in the morning, the most nerve-wracking part was walking out for the first designer when you come out, my heart was pounding.”

A model moves down a walkway at the Humber College Walk It Out fashion show at Lakeshore campus. Fashion students organized and supported the models showing off the works of local designers. (Michelle Habib)

The fashion show demonstrated clothes designed by numerous Toronto designers, including Joseph Tassoni, Brosche Bridal, Zane Barlas, Cherith B Designs, Shelli Oh, Kyle Gervacy, Tama & Co., JMtrends, Rohma Anzar Couture and Zoff.  

While the students played a huge role in the organization and execution of the event, the show wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of the models.

The annual Humber fashion show is a highly anticipated event not only for Humber students but also for the models that get the chance to show off their skills and network before and after the show.

“I have been on a diet for about two months, we’ve all been working out a bunch but overall the experience was amazing,” Malasi said.

It’s a challenging profession, and the models at Walk It Out proved that.

“Some challenges I face are being in front of the camera and being able to be confident,” said Matthew Kan Sham, another model for Humber’s spring fashion show.

Designers worked with Humber Fashion students to prepare and host the annual Walk It Out show at Lakeshore campus on Tuesday. (Michelle Halim)

“I love just being able to help create something amazing with the photographers or designers vision,” said Kan Sham.

When being in one’s element, it doesn’t always mean everything comes with complete ease.

“Challenges I faced would obviously include dieting, keeping my confidence up and being comfortable enough with myself to pose properly,” said Dalston McKay a model from the show.

“A lot of models don’t really know how to pose because they’re awkward and it shows clear as day in photos. So that’s something I’m working on for myself,” McKay said.

McKay and Kan Sham both had to go through an audition process and were selected by the students organizing the event.