Watch out for ‘wexting’

by | Nov 18, 2016 | News

Brandon Stewart 


By now most students should know that texting while driving is a bad idea.

However, texting while walking could be just as bad too.

Using a cellular device while walking could be impairing a person’s cardiovascular health.

A recent study from Kent State University found people who text while walking walked 7 per cent slower while talking on the phone slowed the walker down 11 per cent.

Many students text while waking through Humber College, and for most students, there isn’t a lot of time to set aside for daily exercise. Basically students only have the time to walk from the car to school, class to class, or up the stairs to the library. These low impact, low heart-rate exercises are made even less effective with the slowed text-walking.

Walking speed is related to cardiovascular fitness and any decrease in walking speed over time negatively impacts a person’s heart heath.

“I text while walking maybe 40 per cent of the time, but not when I’m outside,” said second year fitness and health promotion student Aravinian Aruliasa.

“I don’t use my phone often, but whenever I get a message I check it,” said second year fitness and health student Francis Aguado.

Some students see texting while walking as an immediate danger outdoors where there are hazards including traffic.

“I think [texting while walking is] a matter of safety,” said fourth year bachelor of nursing student Mary Tapiuo.

The researchers recommend completing a walking trip without the temptation to touch your cellular device. The heart will thank you in the long run.