We Got You gets attention with free hot chocolate

by | Nov 7, 2014 | News

Tamara Shade
News Reporter

Faculty greeted Humber College students at North campus with bright smiles on their face and hot chocolate in hand last Tuesday morning.

But what was all the fuss about?

“We put on this event because this is starting to be a stressful time for students, midterms have been happening and we are heading into final exams and the end of the semester and we want students to be aware of the services we have available to them,” said the college’s Dean of Students Jen McMillen.

She said she wants students to know that if they need any help, it is okay to ask.

“We thought on a cool November morning giving people a nice warm hello from the Department of Student Success and Engagement and letting them know that we’re here to help would be a great way to bring awareness to that,” McMillen said.

Humber counsellor Jaspreet Dhindsa said the hot chocolate is a way to let students know the school’s staff is concerned about their students’ wellbeing.

Staff were promoting the We Got You campaign on the humber.ca website, she said.

Dhindsa said the website is a “gateway” to all the services offered to students at Humber.

She said she decided to come out to the event because “it’s getting cold outside and the students probably would appreciate something hot to drink and the website (url is printed) on the cup, so hopefully it will be a way for students to start accessing some of the services.”

Humber student Victoria Csukanvoa chatted away with a friend sipping on a hot chocolate outside of the main entrance. However, she was unaware of why they were handing out the hot chocolate.

“No idea,” she said. “They sent out an email but I don’t remember why.”

She said she decided to go to the event for the free hot chocolate.

Csukanvoa said the faculty did not explain anything, although they handed her a pamphlet about the event.