Wheelchair basketball lets student try something new at Lakeshore

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Feature, Sports

Kyle Drinnan, Sports Reporter

Students had the opportunity to try out wheelchair basketball for the first time as part of an event hosted by Lakeshore Recreation.

“The event was about bringing people together and try something new,” said Sonya Herrfort, Recreation and Facility Coordinator for Lakeshore.

It wasn’t a formal sports event that followed a tournament-based structure. Students just had to sign up and do whatever they want during the Oct. 16 event. 

Lukasz Studzinski dribbling the ball during a pickup game at the Lakeshore wheelchair basketball event. (Kyle Drinnan)

Some played in a pickup game while others kept to themselves. 

Students like Fatimah Almadameghe, an Advertising and Graphic Design student, were delighted to experience the event. 

“Humber has always been very accommodating to me,” she said. “This event is just one of those things that I get to experience and I can make myself better.” 

Some players used a wheelchair for the first time and struggled with their shots.

About 10 students participated in the event that lasted around five hours.

When they were finished, prizes were distributed. 

Those who participated got to spin a wheel to win prizes that ranged from sunglasses to phone cases. 

“All of our events are about fun with exercise,” Herrfort said.

Lakeshore Recreation is planning on doing more events for people motion-restrained, including hosting a sitting volleyball tournament in November.