Winter term starting later

by | Nov 28, 2014 | News

Krysten McCumber
Queen’s Park/City Hall Reporter

There has been confusion across Humber College since students were lately told they would be given nearly an extra week of holidays before the winter semester begins in January.

Students were emailed the update mid-November after a decision was made by the school and the Registrar’s Office to change the official beginning of winter semester classes from Jan. 7 to Jan. 12. The sudden change has stirred are mixed emotions in students.

“I had already booked my flight home and it is very expensive to change it only a month before,” said Patricia Corallo, a hospitality and tourism management student.

Corallo will be flying home to Venezuela during the break to see her family. Because of political events in the country, it has been difficult to see them over the past year and now she’s missing out on a longer visit.

“It’s a whole week I could’ve spent at home with my family,” she said. “I just felt very disappointed that the school didn’t let us know before.”

Humber is insisting that this change is in the best interest of students.

Humber’s vice president of student and community engagement Jason Hunter said the main focus of this decision was the students and their success rate, an area of concern for the upcoming semester.

“We want to make sure all schedules and registration are done before classes start,” Hunter said.

Making sure that students had equal class time spread between lab work and lectures was another issue that was being faced if classes were to start on a Wednesday, which was the original plan.

“Sometimes these decision are administrative, and that’s important, but primarily it should be about the students,” Hunter said.

University of Guelph-Humber students are facing a different issue.

With their resumption of classes on January 5 as originally planned, their living arrangements on residence could have been in jeopardy. Although residence didn’t have a say in the matter, they have made sure to adjust for students who need to move back in time for classes.

“Our decision was to move the official reopening date of residence to Jan. 7 [instead of Jan. 4], but make an exception for early move-ins for students at Guelph-Humber and international students,” said Susan Miller, associate director of campus services.

Miller wants to assure students that even though Humber students will be moving in later, nobody is being left out of a place to stay.

For Humber students who need to move back into residence before Jan. 7, a form is available to be filled out at