Women’s basketball stay perfect, win 16 straight

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Sports

Leigha Vegh
Sports Reporter

It was a game that saw futile time outs from Cambrian Golden Shield head coach Chantal McMahon as she desperately tried to weather the inevitable storm. But Humber Hawks women’s basketball team took last Saturday’s night’s game with a final score of 102-24.

McMahon had stepped in as Cambrian’s head coach two weeks prior to the contest with the mission of trying to reshape the 10th-place West division team.

“We’re just trying to get through the season,” McMahon said, adding that she’s focused primarily on prepping the team for next year.

The first quarter, which saw Humber take an aggressive 23-point lead over the Golden Shield, was largely due to Hawks all-star Ceejay Nofuente, who connected on three of her four three-pointers.

Desperate to slow down the red-hot point guard, McMahon called the first time out of the night minutes into play to no avail. Coming off the pause, Nofuente answered with three more points.

After her shining performance in the first quarter, Nofuente showed outstanding sportsmanship in the second quarter by circulating the ball to her teammates at every opportunity.

“I love getting my team involved…especially when teams are just looking to stop me,” she said.

With points mounting in favor of the Hawks, and not a single one for the Golden Shield, McMahon delayed the game again by calling another time out late in the second quarter to try and regroup her athletes.

“[My] players need to communicate with each other and be more physical out there. Offensively we had opportunities, the ball just didn’t fall,” McMahon said.

The Golden Shield had failed to connect with a single basket by the time the buzzer sounded.

Going into the third quarter with a score of 51-7 for the Hawks, aggression grew between the two teams and the fouls that slowed down play showed that.

Leticia Lopez also took the spotlight with nine of her 13 total points coming from three-pointers in the third.

The Golden Shield managed to break the drought of the second quarter adding eight points to the board, for a total score of 79-15 going into the fourth.

Similar to the first three quarters, the Hawks continued to mount points with strong offensive play in the fourth. With 21 points under her belt, centre Jill Semple just held onto the ball with a smirk on her face as the seconds ran out on the clock, showcasing a final score of 102-24.


Coming off of dominating the first of two back to back games facing Cambrian on home territory, Nofuente felt confident.


“Hopefully [it’s] the same thing, just more points on the board,” she said in anticipation of this Sunday’s game.


Head coach McMahon tried to remain positive about her team being dominated by the red-hot Hawks.


“Right now it’s just being positive, and encouraging, and also trying not to baby them at the same time,” she said.


The Golden Shield has been in a difficult situation all season because of being short of players and lacking sufficient preparation, according to McMahon.