Women’s rugby team practice like they’re second best to finish first

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Sports

Jessica Dempsey
Sports Reporter

Humber women’s rugby team finished the season undefeated and clinched a bye into the semi-finals.

Hawks finished the regular season with a 61-0 win over Conestoga on Oct. 14.

Assistant head coach Andrew Petricca said, “the girls know that in order to be the best you have to come out to practice as if you’re second place and work as if you’re second best.”

Capping an undefeated regular season, the Hawks did not concede a goal.

Dale Essue, head coach, said, “the girls just got it into their minds that no one was going to pass them. If someone passed them it was somewhat of a failure on their end, it was the main focus.”

Offence also shone this season. On Sept. 27 they scored a season high of 111 points. The reason, said Charlene Mocon, is team depth.

“We have a 32-man roster this year, and one through 32 were solid. There are no weak spots in our offence and there are no weak spots in our defence. Everybody shows up, everybody works hard. We’re just dominant through and through,” Mocon said.

They now await their next opponent on Nov. 1, at Humber’s Valley Field.

The team is keeping its pace and conditioning up.

“We are doing lots of fitness, not only training on the field, we’re training inside with HPC (High Performance Centre) as well as spin classes and video,” said Robynn Graham, scrum-half

The team will be practicing four times a week with fitness and skills as main priorities.

“Keeping that fitness level up (is important) because that is going to be the difference in the games, and that’s been the past difference in the championships I’ve won with this team,” Essue said.

Last year, the team was defeated by Algonquin in the finals, and they know there is a chance they will have to face them in the semi’s.

“We don’t know who we are playing, but if it is who were suspecting who we are playing it will be a good rematch of last year’s final,” Petricca said.

The team does not consider second place an option.

“We don’t want to wear a silver medal again at all,” said Mocon.