Women’s soccer winning streak hits 7 games

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Sports

Christian Aguirre
Sports Reporter

The women’s varsity soccer team remains undefeated this season after beating the Conestoga Condors 1-0 Wednesday night at the Ontario Soccer Centre.

The win secured Humber’s first place, 7-0 record with 21 points.

Despite the Hawks’ strong offense, by keeping the ball on the Condors’ half of the field for the majority of the first half.

Humber fired eight shots at Conestoga’s net but failed to score a goal during the first half, which frustrated many vocal fans.

The second half the game was intense.

At the 53-minute mark Conestoga had a close call when Humber just missed the net after the ball rebounded off their goalie.

The game went on and at the 65th minute a Conestoga player got injured.

The pause in the game offered the Hawks a moment to huddle and strategize.

And it paid off as just five minutes later, at the 70th minute, second-year Hawk Hayley Mackie scored her first goal of the season, and the only goal of the game, shooting from about 20 metres out into the top left corner of the net.

After the goal, the Hawks took to a defensive stance, focusing on keeping the ball away from Conestoga and denying any opportunities for them to make any threatening plays.

Mackie’s performance in the game earned her the title of Hawk Nation Player of the Game. It was keeper’s Vanessa Fiore fourth shutout.

She said that it “feels good” to score the game winning goal, especially in a match that felt as if it were the most difficult of the season.

Her assessment of the game was shared by head coach Vince Pileggi, who was happy with the performance of his team and looks forward to continuing the winning streak.

The Hawks next game will take place at the Ontario Soccer Centre at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 11 against the George Brown Huskies, against the Cambrian Golden Shield on Oct. 15, and Sheridan Bruins on Oct. 18.