Striving for a brighter future for nurses

by | Apr 15, 2019 | News

Kevaughn Wilson, Sports Reporter

The future of nursing is in good hands.

Fourth-year nursing students at the University of Guelph-Humber showcased their ideas to better the lives of nurses within the workplace in the LRC Concourse on April 9.

Students were required to create a poster outlining an idea to improve the hospital environment, specifically for nurses, and to discuss it with their peers and passersby.

Fourth Year nursing students Salim Hussein (left) and Pukky Fambegbe stand at the Future for Nurses event at Humber College LRC Concourse. (Kevaughn Wilson)

The hall was filled with more than 20 colorful posters, each showcasing a different idea.

Fourth-year nursing student Jessa-Maye Gonzales said it was a good opportunity to make the lives of nurses a little bit easier.

“This is a great chance for us to not only bounce ideas off each other but to shed a light on the difficulties nurses face within the workforce on a daily basis,” she said.

“For example, my idea is a serenity room where nurses can go to relax and find some peace of mind before or after surgeries,” Gonzales said.

Patients with advanced dementia poster made by fourth-year nursing student Salima Hussein. (Kevaughn Wilson)

The ideas ranged from creating safe environments for nurses to improving diagnosis of patients.

Fourth-year nursing student Salima Hussein said patients with advanced dementia often get misdiagnosed due to their inability to explain their symptoms effectively.

“My idea is pain assessment in advanced dementia because it can be very frustrating for nurses to treat patients they cannot fully understand,” she said.

“I strongly believe an environment created through good communication skills can benefit the lives of both patients and nurses,” Hussein said.

Some students chose to take an approach to strengthen the course itself to better prepare nurses for future.

Nurse-led interactive educational sessions poster made by fourth year nursing students. (Kevaughn Wilson)

Nursing student Pukky Fambegbe said she would like more nurses to come in and talk to students to give them a better view of the workforce.

“We could have nurse-led interactive educational sessions where we could get anecdotal advice on how to deal with situations better,” she said.

“I believe this would help us become more equipped for the future,” Fambegbe said.