Workshops help students get back on track

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Life

Cassandra Ryan
Life Reporter

Students have been back in school for about three weeks since the college strike and some aren’t adjusting well.

Humber College has been hosting workshops to help students having difficulties adjust back into their school habits.

The latest one was on Dec. 1, and it was all about teaching students how to get back on track.

Andrew Oh, a third-year student at Lakeshore for business admin co-op, was the leader of the presentation.

“Students feel overwhelmed,” Oh said. “I believe that most of my classmates didn’t spend that five weeks the way that they were supposed to.”

Oh stated that he believes most students didn’t have the motivation to work throughout the strike because of how long it was and as a result, students will fall behind.

“We can’t control what happened. We’re going to focus on things that you can control,” Oh said. “The more you stress about things that are out of your control, the less productive you’re going to be.”

Oh said students need energy and time to get back on track, and stressing about things that they can’t control, such as time, won’t be helpful.

Second-year occupational therapist assistant Christine Pagliaroli feels rushed because of the crunched time, but isn’t overly stressing about it. She kept herself busy during the strike and kept up to date.

“My friends and I would do our assignments that were going to be due when the strike was over,” Pagliaroli said. “We also tried to study material that was going to be covered once the strike ended.”

Pagliaroli said that this helped her tremendously and that she’s not stressing the remainder of this semester.

“It’s next semester that worries me,” she said, as she’s on placement this semester. “It might be more condensed as well.”

But as Oh said during the small seminar, it’s best not to overthink things and map out a plan.