World War I talks to mark centenary

by | Oct 24, 2014 | A&E

Tonia Venneri
A&E Reporter

Humber’s School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is holding a conference Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 at Toronto’s International Festival of Authors which is celebrating 35 years of bringing authors to their readers.

IFOA communications and marketing coordinator Maeve O’Regan said, “the really great thing about this year’s (Humber) conference is it tied in really nicely with our festival focus. We’re doing a focus on history and then particularly World War I, so this is just a great tie in.”

Representing World War I: Perspectives at the Centenary is a  three-day conference to be held at Harbourfront’s Fleck Dance Theatre, and will feature keynote speakers such as Dr. Michael Neiberg, professor of history at the United States Army War College. There will also be live interviews and panel discussions from top international scholars and professors. O’Regan said this conference is an important part of the festival.

“It’s the first time we’re sort of incorporating an academic element into our festival, so I think it’s really going to enhance the festival in that way, and that’s something we’re quite thrilled about.”

Humber professor and war historian Daniel Hambly and General Arts and Science coordinator Lisa Salem-Wiseman are co-chairing the event.

Hambly said the large range of information will offer new layers to what is already known about the First World War.

“If you’re a participant … in the conference you can be assured that you will learn something new about this event that happened 100 years ago,” said Hambly.

This is the first time the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is involved in at the IFOA. Hambly said this will bring diverse discussions and conversations to the table.

“The interesting thing about the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is it’s got a lot of people, a lot of professors from interdisciplinary backgrounds, so I think the multiple perspectives that the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences has is reflected in the conference,” Hambly said.

Although the IFOA has worked with Humber’s School for Writers over the last few years, O’Regan said the conference has been something the IFOA was looking forward too.

“It’s, I think, something that our director has wanted to do, and has been in talks about with Humber liberal arts for a while so it’s just very wonderful that it all came together this year,” said O’Regan.

Angelo Barbato, 28, a second-year Architectural technology major said, “I go every year, but never to a Humber event. It would be nice to see what the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is bringing to the literary event,” said Barbato.

Hambly said the conference will be beneficial to him as a professor.

“I think it’s great that first of all my dean, Paula Gouveia and the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences would support and encourage professors within our school to reach out and be active in our own disciplines – that will help me be a better professor,” said Hambly. “I’m in touch through this conference with a vast and wide array of different historians from all over the world.”


Representing World War I: Perspectives at the Centenary conference 


Registration and coffee

Keynote Lecture: Dr. Michael Neiberg, Professor of History, United States Army War College

Concurrent Sessions (1)


Concurrent Sessions (2)

Concurrent Sessions (3)


8:00 – 9:00am
Registration and coffee

Michael Enright interviews Dr. David Stevenson

Concurrent Sessions  (4)

12:15-1:00 pm
Boxed Lunch

Concurrent Session (5)


Registration and coffee

10:00am-12:00 noon
Panel of International Scholars

12:00 noon–1:00pm
Lunch and Closing Remarks

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